Lubricants and Absorbents


Industrial Lubricants

TTI is a full distributor of high performance professional grade, heavy-duty lubricants including hydraulic oil, transmission fluid, gear oil and greases.

  • We carry all kinds of lubricants, including:

    ● Motor Oil ● Hydraulic Oil● Transmission Fluid● Gear Oil● Food Grade ● MILSPEC ● Grease● Compressor Oil● Synthetic Oils● Antifreeze● Bar and Chain Oil Tacky● Coolants● Biodegradeable Oils
    We perform oil analysis, and can do complete Graco and ARO equipment rebuilds. We stock lube equipment, and of course we stock rags for cleanup!

Custom Oil Setups

We can install customized oil set ups at your business. Contact us today for a quote.


Absorbents and Cleaners

We recommend Instazorb for your spill containment solutions. It is offered in a 12 pound bag, which does the same containment of oil or other fluids as 5 typical bags of clay absorbent.
We offer everything from spill pads, to 100 gallon spill kits, to complete oil containment systems.

  • To help with clean up spills, we carry:

    ● Instazorb
    ● Oil Eater
    ● Absorbent Pads
    ● Acid Cleaners
    ● Soaps
    ● Brushes
    ● Latex Gloves
    ● Polishes
    ● Waxes
    ● 3M Products

Visit us or contact us to stock up!